Victorious Vinegar

My house is disgusting. I live with 5 roommates. We all are girls, so you would think we would be neat and clean.


Well, we like to be clean… however, three of us are graduating, one works  to help keep me sane (actually, she works at a gas station a lot) and well I am not really sure what the other one does with her time.

So we really don’t have enough time to properly clean most of the time but I had enough of the slime build up in my shower and kitchen since and had to do something to correct it!

So I search Pinterest for the things that would help. I found this from Drea Wood 


Best Cleaner ever

The directions are just are just as the picture reads. Of course Drea said to fill up 12 oz of the spray bottle with vinegar and 12 oz with dawn dish soap. I did not have anything to measure with. It is basically a daily struggle to even find a non broken measuring cup.

So I went with the next best option… estimating.

I poured a little vinegar and a little generic “Dawn” dish soap  together and shook it up with my whole body.

Similar to this …

Aww yea!

Directions said to spray at let sit for an hours. So to maximize my productivity I sprayed the shower and went settled down to work on homework.

1 hour later. My house smells of no chemicals and my shower is spotless.

if you are struggling with a slimy shower or a scummy kitchen sink follow these simple instructions: Mix, Shake, Spray and Wipe.






Making Home Smell Sweet!

Well to start off I would like to speak on the danger of fire. People, if you light a candle near you, first move candle a safe distance away before you turn to your friend with a burning match saying, “Hey, wanna play with fire?” Before you know it your hair will be on fire and your house will smell of burnt hair and your head will hurt from the smell.

I am an idiot

I am an idiot

Thankfully, my hair was not damaged to where it was noticeable. Cleaning up burnt hair clumps however is disgusting. Please do not follow my example, always practice fire safety.

Now, to get rid of that horrible, horrible smell. I started by Googling DIY Home Fresheners. I came across DIY Boards DIY Home Fragrances board. I didn’t have most of the ingredients they were calling for but I was able to find a very simple one that only required me to have vanilla extract, a coffee cup and a workable oven.

So far, the oven is on the has been sitting for about  45 minutes. The directions called for an hour. I can’t really smell it yet but that has everything to do with the culprit candle that I lit….so wait….

15 minutes have passed and the smell is amazing! I just turned the oven off and opened the oven door. I am hoping that in no time the entire house will smell even stronger!

It is official, my house smells like cookies… but I don’t have any 😦

The only thing that was a little odd about the project was that the vanilla bakes to the bottom of the cup. Several of the other examples I saw had them doing the same thing, but with vanilla and baking soda, which will still probably work.

So now that my house smells amazing, I am going to go wash these charred hair pieces out of my hair!


Mirror Painting

I won’t lie, I have tried to be artsy and craft creative and it usually ends in disaster and disappointment. Not this time! I am very proud of this last project. It was easy, fun and I now have two very adorable bedroom decorations now!

I started with a pin I found from Stephanie M, who gave the actual credit to And We Play | DIY For Kids.


Chosen Project

I was very pleased with the outcome.

The finished product!

The finished product!


From start to finish, it only took about 10 minutes. I did have to restart the bottom half 3 times though.

Thank goodness watercolors don't dry that quickly and glass is an easy surface to clean!

Thank goodness watercolors don’t dry that quickly and glass is an easy surface to clean!

After finishing up the first two small mirrors, my roommate and I promptly began searching our rooms for other glass objects to paint. She found a large mirror in her room… and well, I accidentally caught my hair on fire ( read more about that in the Making Home Smell Sweet).

This project is easy and fun for every age. So if you are searching for the perfect rainy day activity, this is cheap and easy.

Mirrors and paint all together only cost me $10 dollars.

So, now that I have an awesome mirror, I am going to go adore my newly burnt hair in it!

Wow you can hardly tell your hair was just on fire..except for that smell

Wow you can hardly tell your hair was just on fire..except for that smell

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Glitter Fail

This looked simple, but was it?







No. No it was not.









For one, it took forever to find the materials. I am pretty sure the Wal-Mart in Bemidji doesn’t even carry Confetti. I made due however with large sized glitter. This still didn’t work. The instructions don’t tell you how long to let it dry or how many coats of glitter were needed. obviously, this would have been some good information to have.

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Burning the Midnight Oil

A week later and I finally have a homemade candle! Note to self, don’t send a man to the craft store. Turns out they don’t like asking if candle wicks are available, just like they don’t enjoy asking for directions. But that is neither here not there. Turns out making a candle out of Crayola Crayons is actually pretty fun and really easy!

<—-This is the project  I chose.  No written instructions. Photo’s only.

Here is what you I used:

  1. Candle Wick
  2. Crayola Crayons
  3. Scented Wax ( I used some for a scentsie)
  4. A glass jar
  5. Wax Paper
  6. Heat for melting
  7. A can for melting


I placed the wax paper underneath my jar, just in case I were to spill wax on my counter. ( I want almost all of my renters deposit back!) I also replaced the microwave and Dixie Cups with a can and my stove. College is expensive, I had to make due with what I had. The concept is almost exactly the same.

While the project looks clean and simple, it should not be attempted alone, especially if this is your first time making a candle. I had 3 of my four roommates helping me. You can’t imagine how long and difficult it can be to peel crayons, they really glue those wrappers on!

After an hour, I finally had a candle. It didn’t look anything like those cute and clean little candle, but it works. It just takes practice.

This project is a Pinterest Win, just don’t expect it to look spectacular the first time around.

Check out how I made my candle.

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I was really looking forward to creating my own candle. I even bought honeysuckle nectar scented wax to add into my melted mess of crayons. However, it seems it is almost impossible to find candle wicks in Bemidji, MN unless you order them online.

So… I attempted to make a bowl out of Modge Podge and glitter. I would show you pictures but they are currently stuck on my phone.. so keep watching my posts. I am bound and determined to get those photos off!

But… On the positive side, I now have a re-vamped t-shirt for the summer. Check it out!

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Pinterest is Funsterating (Fun yet Frustrating)

I don’t know about you but I have boards and boards filled with ideas from DIY Clothing to Food that I have never attempted… or that I have attempted and thrown away… or never finished.

Being in college does not allow much time for craftiness, specially if you are  like me,  working two jobs, volunteering and taking 15 credits. Needless to say graduation can’t come soon enough! So I tend to pin things that say “Easy” or “Do it in 15 minutes”… but it seems that those projects that say they are easy… don’t work out the same… or I END UP STILL WORKING ON THEM HOURS LATER.

Maybe it is my lack of patients or my inability to read instructions, but I just feel like the descriptions and instructions aren’t as easy as they claim to be.

Not to worry though, I plan to take a variety of Pinterest DIY projects and complete them from start to finish.

So you should stay tuned to this site to see which projects work and the ones you should just avoid and stop pinning!

Starting with the 1st project:  The DIY Jar Candle. If you want to try this project with me here is what you will need:

  1. wax or crayons
  2. a jar or glass container of your choice
  3. wicks ( usually come in a pack of 5-10)
  4. a stove or microwave

The Jar Candle